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Vadim Sischikov is a chief editor of "Photoicon" - internet magazine about photography. He is a professional photographer and designer.
-My works can be found in such periodicals as l'Officiel, Cosmopolitan, OK, Sirups, ArtPodium, Platinum, Eva&Adam, Digital Times, BODY. But my very best photographs hang on the walls at my home as well as by my friends.
-I`ve always been interested in everything connected with visual perception of the surrounding world - I drew a lot, was also preoccupied with decorative design. It can also be said that I`m in photography since my very birth - which took placein Riga on the 5th of June 1983.
-I don`t like when people absent-mindedly take pictures of everything they see around themselves. I like when picture tells something or, despite its content, has some clearly seen form. Or some inner plot, at least.
-One of my former models once said: "Do you remember that picture? You know, I didn`t perceive myself as photogenic and too pretty until the moment I saw it". That was the best thanks which I ever did get, including money.
From the interview for the magazine "Schastlivije Ljudi"

-It seems that nowadays with the introduction of digital equipment everyone can take pictures. Does it seem to you that today professional photography may extinct as occupation? - Oleg Peka, radio dj.
-It is not the camera-it is the photographer who takes pictures. Very important issue is to compose the picture, create an image. It is not that important to know what camera consists of, because equipment constantly changes and upgrades, but it is important to know how image affects viewer, not to mention the importance of composition, lighting and so on...
In my opinion, spreading of digital equipment would only accelerate the process of development of professional photography-nowadays technical and financial aspects don`t obstruct people from learning how to take pictures, and more real artists would appear among amateurs.
From the interview for "MixFM" radio

-Now I study the art of cinematography. It is quite different from photography; it contains a lot of rules, which may seem inapplicable to it. But understanding of why and how to put this or another scene "on tape" (I use digital equipment, of course), influences the understanding of photography.
-I have always been inspired by women, I owe so much to them. As a matter of fact, I met my most beloved ones while holding camera. Being in love brings inspiration, sensitivity towards the surrounding world-you start noticing things, you want to make more pictures. And I was in such condition when I came to Switzerland for the first time- I was constantly sending messages to Riga. And I brought back a lot of good and positive photos. But now, unfortunately, I don`t have this euphoria - I make photos only when I have to.
-Recently I`ve been very conscious about the problems of our society. I am trying to understand this world and people, who make a principal part of it. With all the rules and exceptions. When I would have enough life experience to say anything about this or that problem, I will make an exposition.
From the interview for "FotoKvartals" magazine

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